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Ride for solo violin [5:22]

The title of the piece is inspired by my experience of riding a long-tail boat in Thailand, known as Ruea Hang Yao in the Thai language. This type of boat is native to most Southeast Asia countries and especially famous in Thailand where long-tail boats are now often used to transport local passengers and tourists. Compared to the motion and movement of a long-tail boat while moving, the music appears to fast-forward, glide, swerve, and sometimes float freely playing with the unexpected. The comparison could portray the excitement of riding a long-tail boat that runs fast on the undulating water and never knows what comes next. Even though I did not include any musical elements that give a sense of “Asian flavor”, the challenge of the piece is to provoke the feel between agitation and relaxation one could have with this kind of unique ride.


Premiered by Kia-Hui Tan at Society of Composers, Incorporated 2013 National Conference, Ohio State University on February 14, 2013.  

This recording is performed by Davis Brooks

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